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PT. Surya Anugerah Gemilang (Jawa Timur, Indonesia)

We are a company engaged specifically in selling Lubricants / Oils and Greases for the Industrial sector (etc.). Our company is appointed as the Official Enoc Oil Distributor in Surabaya. The oil that we market is for applications: Diesel Engine Oil, Transmission Oil, Gear Oil, Compressor Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Circulating & Bearing, Heat Transfer Oil, Slideway Oil, Turbine Oil, Transformer Oil, Metal Working Fluid, Synthetic Oil, Corrosion Preventive , Wire Rope, Oil Specialties and various Greases / Greases.

Our company is one of the oil distributor companies that can meet (distribute oil) a wide range of needs of industries and large factories throughout Indonesia, including the needs of various kinds of special lubricants (special grade oil). We always develop long-term relationships with each customer. Our principle is always to provide the best service to every customer and on time.


Name of Company : PT. Surya Anugerah Gemilang

Registered address : Jalan Kalisari III No. 11 E, Surabaya 60274

Place of Domicile  : Surabaya, Indonesia

Email Address : suryaanugerahgemilang@yahoo.com

Business Experience : ENOC OIL Distributor (Industrial) ( Fleet& Heavy Duty) (Automotive Lubricants).


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